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Editing Clear English Manuals and Reports

  • Editing for Quality

    We offer a service to review and edit existing manuals, reports, brochures, websites and other large documents. We do 4 types of review:

    English correct grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure - meet the standards of Clear English that is easy to read and understand
    Style follow style guide standards for format, look and feel
    Content well organised and the correct content details that the target readers need
    Scope right information, right design in the right document

  • Benefits

    As the leading authority in Clear English, we can help you boost productivity and get desired results fast at minimal costs while still using your existing resources. We achieve this by using successful techniques to help you edit reports, documents and other materials, making them clear and easy to understand.

    Your managers, staff and customers will benefit immediately from improved quality information.

    With clear and easy to understand documents, we can help you improve your organisation's productivity and strengthen your operations.

    We can:

    • save you time
    • remove confusion about meaning in your documents
    • make reading easier, and
    • improve quality, particularly for overseas readers and international markets.