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Why Use Plain English in Internal Communication?

  • All organisations want to increase revenue, reduce costs and make work easier.

    We will help your organisation to do just that by using Clear English to communicate internally in office communication and documents.

    With clear communication, we help your organisation set standards and improve the quality of your products and services.

  • Our award-winning courses benefit your organisation immediately because:

    • facts and recommendations are clearer so readers understand them faster
    • requests and instructions are easier to follow and less mistakes are made
    • correspondence and documents are easier to write, and
    • writing in active language gets readers to respond quickly

    Our language experts have designed courses that train your employees how to write clear and easy-to-read reports and correspondence so messages are clear and misunderstandings can be avoided.

    We stand behind the claims that using Clear English in office documents cuts costs and improves profits because fewer mistakes are made.

    When you use Clear English, emails have a better structure and reports and proposals are better organised. Our Clear English courses will train you how to do just that and make writing easier.