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Our Training Methodology

  • Our Clear English courses are designed by professional instructional designers so we can effectively transfer skills to employees in your organisation.

    We are recognised by experts to provide high quality training for your organisation to:

    • Create information that is useful, usable and easy to understand
    • Write documents that focus on the readers' needs

    Our training courses are specifically designed using the Criterion Referenced Instruction (CRI) method that ensures consistency of outcomes.

    CRI succeeds with behavioural change built on the existing knowledge of the target audience. The CRI design approach uses behavioural objectives and criterion referenced tests to guarantee results of training.

  • We have a well-established reputation for consistency, high-quality and effectiveness for all our courses.

    Our courses are designed to contain the best expertise with less reliance on a particular instructor. This means that regardless of the instructor, you will get a consistently high-quality effective course. Now and in the future.

    Our courses are designed to be practical, not theoretical. We focus on skills and techniques required on the job in the workplace. Our courses are challenging and enjoyable, rewarding and effective. We always receive scores of above 6 on a 7-point scale in feedback from participants - for all our instructors and all our courses.

  • On-Line Learning: Instructor-led

    Many Plain Language Solutions courses can also be delivered as blended learning with a combination of group and on-line sessions.

    Our on-line learning courses are instructor-led, not self-study courses. Participants communicate 1-to-1 with an instructor on a daily basis. The instructor actively manages the sequence of learning, answers questions and gives individual feedback on performance as each participant goes through a course.

    Participants work though a sequence of learning events including articles, videos, exercises, quizzes and assignments. Our on-line courses are very active and interactive.

    This approach overcomes the major fault in traditional e-learning which only works with self-motivated participants. It also results in very efficient training where individual participants can learn at a much faster rate.

    Instructor-led on-line courses also mean that exercises can be more complex. This is essential for writing and language courses where participant responses to exercises cannot be properly evaluated by a computer.

  • Benefits

    Our on-line instructor-led courses:

    • do not have a minimum class-size, so a single participant can take a course
    • can be done at any time and in any location – flexible hours
    • are great for busy people who cannot take whole days to attend training
    • are 1-on-1 instructor-led with individual monitoring and feedback on exercises, and
    • have pre- and post-tests to measure learning gain and a certificate of achievement for participants.

    Technical Requirements

    On-line course participants will require a computer with email and Internet access. They also need to view video with sound.