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Why Use Plain English in Operations?

  • All organisations want to improve quality, increase productivity and maintain high standards in operations. We offer you proven expertise to get all these benefits, by applying Clear English in your operations manuals and reports.

    We are committed to helping your technical staff and analysts use Clear English to write clear and easy–to-understand reports, technical proposals, procedures, instructions and guidelines.

  • You will benefit immediately from Clear English because it will help your organisation:

    Improve Productivity Instructions become clearer, boosting productivity and improving quality.
    Save Time Your employees work efficiently because documents are easier to write using active language and readers will respond quickly.
    Improve Safety Standards Policies and instructions are easy to follow, raising awareness and reducing incidents.
    Cut Costs & Improve Profits Clearer instructions mean fewer mistakes and less waste.

    Our fast and ready to use tips can be used in these documents:

    • Manuals or guidelines
    • Maintenance and safety reports
    • Incident reports
    • Standard Operating Procedures